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We Connect Collaborate — WeCoCo is a community driven platform made by women for everyone because diversity rocks. We connect disruptors, action takers and game changers to foster innovation. WeCoCo is a catalyst for change to co-create a more inclusive future which includes more women in innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Powered by collaboration, we achieve more!

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WeCoCo's book contribution to the book Bossing it - the future belongs to the bold/Gründerinnen - Den Mutigen gehört die Zukunft by Alexandra Beckstein and Anja Maurer; published in 2020. 

In this book, Patrycja Pielaszek, WeCoCo Founder, is sharing her own journey as a female entrepreneur and founder of several start-ups. This read is highly recommended for everyone who wants to set up a business in Switzerland.

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Persönlich 06/2020 —  Online Panel mit Diversity Experten

IAA Global 06/2020 - How to build and empower diverse communities

Mumbrella 06/2020 — Global panel to help brands improve diversity and inclusivity

HORIZONT 06/2020 — Wie diverse Communities aufbauen und fördern? 

NUI.YOU 02/2020 - A video interview with our founder Patrycja Pielaszek

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