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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Susana Metzger, media producer and founder of NUI.YOU, has created an inspiring video sharing her 2020 reflections and all the things we have learned during this uncommon year. This November, she has a very special gift for the WeCoCo community you don't want to miss. Watch Susana's video and benefit from her special offer (link at the bottom). There is no memory in our lifetime of such a disruptive year as 2020. For me personally and for those around me, this started by being a very promising year. A round number and a huge hope for a grand year ahead with many projects, to be making the runway of success.

I started this January with a short ladies-trip to Miami. Myself and two of my best friends went on a retreat for some master-mindful few days, under tropical weather and lots of brainstorming conversations. We enjoyed sunshine, some wine and we were working intensively on new ideas, video productions and even an online course, that my friend Liliana produced about “New Work New Skills” (available on Grinfer). Little did we know that this topic was about to become even more relevant, than ever.

And what a time to be in Miami. It was spot on, during the Art Deco Weekend, which was celebrating this year´s theme "SHEroes" and with an unforgetable parade.

Women Empowerment Equality Diversity
SHEreos Miami, January 2020

I still remember vividly Dina telling me during that vacation, “you know that there is this virus that has already killed a few dozens in China and they are saying that this could be a bigger problem.” I dismissed it and said “every year we seem to have a new threat, that benefits pharmaceutical companies more than anything else”.

My apologies, I´ll admit that I was so wrong. March came and the word “pandemic” took us by storm. Lockdown, masks, social distancing… It was unexpected, surreal. Kids home schooling, parents splitting work time with helping the little ones with their online assignments, video conferences anytime and all the time. The revolution had just begun.

We had to adapt and finding new ways to keep high productivity levels, maintaining our jobs and our financial safety. Everyone seemed to be speaking about taking the best out of this situation and innovation became a buzz word. I witnessed people writing books, learning new skills, engaging in online communities, making themselves available, taking part.

Across countries, we heard neighbors cheering each others, singing from their balconies, playing tennis from one building roof to another. Solidarity was at a new high, creativity followed along.

We were moved by the stories of those on the medical front line, risking their health to save lives. True heroes cheered by millions. In some countries, people would go outside their front doors at a given time, every day, to clap to those heroes who were keeping our hope alive. Moving tears, joy and sadness, all at the same time. A mix of emotions, but above all, recognizing that we are all in this together and gestures of kindness do make a difference.

This is not yet part of history. The pandemic remains a reality, now with some renewed hope on an effective vaccine, that will allow us to go back to “normal”. And this is where we stand right now.

But are we really ever going back? Technology has accelerated its progress as never before in 2020. Some major companies have already announced that their employees can work from home forever and this trend is here to stay. Video conferencing has proven to be practical and effective. Business travelling does not seem to make much sense anymore.

There is no more business as usual and we seem to have accepted that. Social media, immersive content and real-time broadcasting have brought us new perspectives on the future. Our brands have taken advantage of the new tools that have seen light throughout this time. And rightfully so, as the opportunities are endless and it is no longer needed to educate our audience to adopt new forms of communication. We are all really well trained by now and it all happened in record time.

As a result, I made this video sharing my reflections about all the things we have learned in 2020 and I hope it inspires you. Watch it here:

In this video, I share also my own personal entrepreneurial endeavour with 2020. A decade ago, I have founded the Portuguese Surf Film Festival, at Europe´s only world surfing reserve, Ericeira. Our main sponsor is the municipality of Mafra and they urged our team to innovate or there would be no festival this year. This was a great opportunity to come up with a winning value proposition. We created an online special edition, combined with 3D modeling and animated scenarios that allowed a virtual experience of attending the amazing venue where we hold the festival yearly. Also, one-night drive-in, capturing everyone´s imagination and somehow reliving what we imagine the 50´s were like in a different reality.

The result was incredibly positive, and it allowed even more sponsors to come on board, as the audience was potentially higher that the usual public physical attendance. Hundreds of people signed in every night from all over the globe and the comments were overwhelming. It was moving and it was only possible because it was the only way.

Look around at all the opportunities that this year has opened up. “The Times They Are A´Changin`”, just like that Bob Dylan song.

Every now and then, comes something bigger than life that makes us all re-think our expectations and life paths. 2020 has been that. There is no way back and that is not a bad thing.

Is it time for you to step out, re-thinking, re-shaping and embracing the new reality?

If this is the case, I've got great news for you!

Book your shooting session today and start 2021 with a fresh new video campaign for your business.

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I am looking forward to shaping your new media presence together with you! Yours,


Susana Metzger is member of the WeCoCo Community, media producer and founder of NUI.YOU - Visual Narratives. She works as a video producer and photographer, based out of Olten in Switzerland. Her love for the Portuguese west coast, where she was born and raised, has influenced her aesthetics and it remains a source of inspiration for her. An Organizational Psychologist by trade, Susana has been specialising in producing online courses for those entrepreneurs who want to monetize their acquired skills and expertise, as well as creating videos within “The Founder´s Story” concept. Last year, she co-founded the swiss “What If – Women in Film Festival”, that is expected to return in 2021.

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