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Hello Diversity! x WeCoCo 🎙 A Podcast on Digital Communities

Listen to the “Eventually Walk the Talk” Podcast with Patrycja Pielaszek to learn about the power of digital communities to encourage more women in innovation and entrepreneurship.

What challenges and opportunities do women entrepreneurs face through digital innovation during their journey? And how can research in this field continue the discussion? The “Hello Diversity! Podcast” series and digital Paperthon one-day event was initiated by Dr. Janina Sundermeier, Dr. Pauline Weritz and Franziska Schmitt, and aims to find answers to these questions through interview discussions with founders. The highlight is a live podcast on 24.11. and a virtual paperthon on 25.11. that brings together scientists and experts to tackle challenges and develop new paper ideas for further research.

If you are a researcher, working at the intersection of digital entrepreneurship, diversity, and innovation, or if you are a practitioner, interested in supporting research in this field, please sign up here for either or both, the live podcast or paperthon.

Hello Digital Communities! A Podcast with Patrycja Pielaszek

As part of the “Eventually Walk the Talk” podcast series, Franziska Schmitt, PhD Candidate at FU Berlin, interviewed the serial entrepreneur Patrycja Pielaszek. Both spoke about the power of digital communities that foster innovation, whereas Patrycia highlights the impact and power of WeCoCo. As a catalyst for change, Patrycia co-creates a more inclusive future and shares in the podcast how she achieves this goal. Moreover, Patrycja speaks about why she founded WeCoCo in 2018 and how she connects disruptors, action-takers, and change-makers through a vibrant community. The interview with Patrycia is essential and very impactful, as it lays the foundation for the second part of the Hello Diversity! Initiative: A digital Paperthon.

In addition, Patrycja speaks about her passion for big data and artificial intelligence, the power of a business buddy, the impact of asking for help and support via digital technologies, and the importance of sharing knowledge and role model stories. Moreover, with her background in leadership, learning, and development, Patrycja shares insights on how she stays inspired through digital innovation.

About the Hello Diversity! Eventually Walk the Talk Podcast

In the podcast series, Franziska and Pauline talk about interviewees’ entrepreneurial journeys, the possibilities of digital innovation, and current hurdles with digital technologies when developing new ventures. In fact, Hello Diversity! has the goal to bring together different ideas and perspectives from scientists and practitioners to tackle the intersection of entrepreneurship, diversity, and digital innovation. As knowledge is still scarce, the initiators aim to support the re-writing of the narrative and seek to facilitate research in the field.

The aim of Hello Diversity!?

With this project, they raise awareness for the topic, start a fruitful conversation between different parties, and kick-start research projects that advance understanding of to which extent digital innovation and women’s entrepreneurship align. You wonder how? Starting in September, they release one episode every Tuesday. The final episode will be a live recording with Prof. Dr. Maura McAdam at the Einstein Center Digital Future on 24 November 2022, in Berlin.

The Hello Diversity! Paperthon for more research ideas

Based on the findings from the Podcast, Dr. Janina Sundermeier, Franziska Schmitt, and Dr. Pauline Weritz cluster research opportunities and challenges that are underlying a one-day digital Hello Diversity! Paperthon on 25 November 2022. This paperthon starts with a Keynote from Prof. Dr. Maura McAdam to highlight the novel status of research in digital entrepreneurship and diversity. After that, the participants will be guided through Design Thinking Sessions in small groups, which will be accompanied by one scientist and a practitioner to tackle specific topics in the field of digital entrepreneurship, diversity, and innovation.

Join the Paperthon to:

  • Discuss the intersection of digital entrepreneurship, diversity, and innovation

  • Work with fellow researchers to create new paper ideas

  • Develop long-lasting, fruitful connections in the field of information systems and entrepreneurship

  • Learn the newest and novel insights in the field of entrepreneurship research

To get inspired, please follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and listen to our Hello! Diversity Eventually Walk the Talk Podcast series.

The Hello Diversity! Eventually, Walk the Talk Initiative is funded by the Margherita-von-Brentano-Zentrum from FU Berlin.

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